About 30 Something

30Something Landscape CROPPEDWhy the 30 Something Cliché?

This is not a blog about How To’s, this has nothing to do with mommy’s and their babies, nor does it have anything to do with making your life easier or teaching you cool internet tricks. Oh, I almost forgot. This blog doesn’t talk about how to cook, bake, do a mean load of laundry, how to remodel your home, save money or making better investments. Pretty much anything else useful that you can think of, those will not be included either.

I will tell you this. If you’re looking to read about a quirky sense of humor, brainy quotes, ten steps of how to be awkward as hell, wanting to read bizarre-ass life experiences that wouldn’t happen to anyone else on the planet…. Then you’ve come to the right blog. I can show you the funny that you’ve been missing. Because life after 30 is still F-ing hilarious.