It’s Been a Long Time

It has been a couple of years since I’ve typed away on this thing…
Much has happened.
A lot actually…
And since I use this blog as my personal public diary – well, then this should be interesting.
Stay tuned!

Divergent Book VS Movie

Ok let me just clarify. There is a HUGE difference between the actual book and the movie. I’ve read the entire series and I’m here to tell you that the master minds behind movie 1 actually did a far better job than the makers of book 1… (Let the backlash begin). Granted, with every book that is made into a movie, there are certain bits and pieces of the story that don’t make the final cut into the movie. I do hope you are aware of this. Keeping this in mind before I watch any book on the big screen, I watch with open criticism and flexibility. We are all entitled to our own opinion and here is mine:

The book itself was an easy read. And, just like with any book, there are more details of certain interpersonal relationships with each character and a more painted picture of the back story. One thing I noticed right away with the book, is this

  1. It’s an easy read (previously stated). Pick up your own copy for proof.

It’s not any different than any other teen post-apocalyptic “fighting to save humanity” series that’s currently making its way through Divergent VS Hunger Gamesthe big screens of Hollywood. Quite honestly, if you have read the series, Divergent isn’t that much different than Hunger Games.

Sorry that I’m not sorry if I just ruined it for you.

So what is the basic plot? Female average-looking teen lives in a futuristic tragic society. She feels insignificant to that society and doesn’t know her place in the grand scheme of things. There is some boy involvement as she Divergent Xena Warrior Princesstransitions and blossoms into Xena Warrior Princess within a 3 book collection. That pretty much sums it up.

But why, in this case, is movie 1 a better final product than book 1?

Book 1: Divergent

As mentioned a couple of times above, and stated here again, the plot is practically the same as Hunger Games. If my memory serves me correctly, it doesn’t get too “boy crazy” until book 2, Divergent Tris and FourInsurgent. Again, there are more details and back stories of how the society is held together in a controlled environment and segregated, yet “making things work as a team”. The main star of Divergent is an average girl next door who loves her family. She struggles with decisions that will affect the future of her and her family.

Some quirky “snag” in the system drastically alters her path and begins a series of events. She is forced to be separated from her home and grow into Xena. Along the way, Xena discovers feelings towards a boy and faces the internal struggles of young love. Meanwhile, her entire society is going down in a hail of gunfire.

This is why the book is “alright”….

Movie 1: Much better

“Why?” Do you ask? Welp, because it just is. With the flexibility of intricate book details missing from the movie, they did a very good job of providing enough for the movie watcher to understand the basic plot of what the hell is going on, AND they toned down the mooshy “I don’t know if he likes me” crap on the big screen; which matured the storyline.

I find teen love confusion and miscommunication annoying.

There were a couple of scenes I wish were included and/or done differently. For Divergent Chasmexample, Edward receives a horrendous injury to the face (Not being too specific for those I hold out hope for to actually read the book) which I don’t remember that being in the movie at all? Someone correct me on this if I’m wrong.

Also, the scene where Tris is attacked and almost thrown over the chasm is, in my opinion, way more of a dramatic scene in the book vs the movie. There are many more differences, but like I said, it’s movieland and it’s going to happen. Either way, over all better job with the movie. Good work.


About a week ago, I hopped in my car to run a few errands on the opposite side of town, which meant I had at least an hour of driving time ahead of me.  I was driving along and I noticed , what I thought to be, a dark black strip whipping around in the wind next to my wiper blade. I automatically assumed it was a piece of my wiperblade tearing apart and now flapping on the glass. Until I got a better look at what this object really was.

It was a damn lizard hanging on for dear life on my windshield.


I was quite aware that I should have been paying more attention to my driving and not the damn lizard, but I just couldn’t help myself. I kept slowing down when gusts of wind felt too strong against my car and slowing down for curves on the highway.


My heart skipped a beat every time a strong wind would cross paths with my car. With his body slapping back and forth on the glass, there were a couple of times that I thought for sure he was a gonner. With so much anxiety built up over this small little creature, I wanted to pull over to make sure he was OK. But there was no safe place for me to pull over on the highway.


So, the tiny creature and myself pressed on until we reached our final destination. As I put my car in park, I sat there. Waiting. To see if there would be any sign of life left in this little thing. After a few seconds of anticipation, he sprung to life. His rapid little heart beating throughout his entire body and shaking like he just saw his entire short life flash before his eyes… continuously for the past hour, like a record on repeat.

After sitting there watching him scurry off the top of my car and onto the nearby grass, I had a fleeting thought:


“Thank goodness I am not that lizard”


I mean, think about it. That poor guy gripped on to a car windshield with all of his might to stay alive for an entire hour.  Who the hell wants to go through that?! I sure as hell don’t.


And then I started thinking, maybe my life isn’t too bad. I don’t have to worry about anything like that. What is worse? Waking up to a job I hate, or waking up stuck to some asshole’s windshield and shitting myself for the next hour wondering if this guy’s gonna pull over so I can save myself.

So, you see, folks? Things could be so much worse. Remember that.