Another turn of burning the midnight oil on night shift and an oldie came on TV with Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes, I had to “Google” his name to spell it correctly). The name of the movie was “Commando”. That’s right, I watched it. As crappy as it was, I watched it. Well, in and out of simultaneously working and allowing ADD to control the rest of my brain.

Anyway, the title of the movie, “Commando,” peaked my interest and I started thinking what does the word Commando mean? I know what the phrase “going commando” means as anyone near an adolescent probably has heard this phrase as well. But, what is the proper definition of Commando? I’m not an idiot. Think about it, how many words do you use on the daily that you don’t know the true definition of?

According the world of the internet, Commando means:

A soldier specially trained to carry out raids; a unit of soldiers specially trained to carry out raids.

Oh OK, so that explains Arnold running around in camouflage…in his neighborhood, war paint to the face and a body oh-so-delicately spritzed with a substance resembling sweat.

After thinking about the word “Commando” (and also after Googling it) I started thinking back to the phrase “going commando” and how that is typically a term used by males. But, as a female, I have used this phrase as well. So then I started thinking.

“What is the officially unofficial definition of the phrase ‘going commando’?”

No worries folks. I Googled that too. Which, led me to the wonderful website

Not wearing any underpants. Usage in a sentence ‘Im goin commando today! (thank you, Urban Dictionary).

If it is a commonly known phrase for males, then what would the phrase be for females? Yep, Google served its purpose for that one too.

“Urban Dictionary! Don’t fail me now! Google says you hold the key to the female equivalent and I desperately desire the answer!”

Not wearing any underwear, usually applied to women.

There you have it folks! I am a Freebuffer and I am damn proud of it!

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