Flimsy Bag

Nothing pisses me off more than a flimsy bag. You put all your shit in the bag and the damn thing will NOT keep shape. That bag is better off on the ground playing dead. Better yet, I’d rather give that bag to me cat to destroy. I spend more seconds of my day dealing with a flimsy bag and getting all the shit to neatly stay still when I set the bag down or try to put more of my shit in it.

And what’s even more annoying, is that my daily carry bag is of the flimsy variety and I don’t replace the damn thing. So every day, I continue getting pissed off at this damn flimsy bag issue that I continue to have and yet I do nothing about it.

Having a flimsy bag feels like a reflection of myself and representing an unorganized, scattered brain individual that never has her shit together. This bag situation stresses me out that much. I feel like I show up to events or gatherings, walking in with that damn flimsy bag and everyone thinks “Oh here comes. This girls gonna be all over the place.”

For the most part it’s true. Maybe me and this bag are meant for each other. Like a mole you have your face that you just live with instead of having it removed….

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